The Ocean to your Door - How Ocean Botanicals processes your Seamoss

 The Sea Moss Journey – From the ocean to your door

Our company specializes in providing high-quality sea moss to customers who are looking for a nutritious and versatile product to improve their physical health or as an ingredient for their health and wellness products. With a focus on sustainability and natural sourcing, our company is committed to providing the best quality seamoss available on the market.

Whether used as a food ingredient or in skin care and cosmetic products, sea moss has become increasingly popular due to its numerous health benefits. Our company's sea moss is carefully harvested from the pristine waters off St Lucia and then dried to retain its potency and flavor. It should be noted that the sea moss from St Lucia is of good quality, as this country prides itself in producing this product as a major export. Therefore, the seamoss that is grown in the waters around the Caribbean Island is protected from over-farming and from industrial farming measures to produce the product. This also means that the seas around the island is also protected as much as possible from pollution in the waters where the seamoss is grown. So, even though this product is grown wildcrafted, the environment in which is grows is protected and cared for so that the highest quality product is grown and harvested. It is this product that Ocean Botanicals uses for its raw material in its gels, oils and capsules and it is what we intend to use for all our future product developments Once the seamoss is received at Ocean Botanicals, it is cleaned and washed and goes through a special ozone process to kill all harmful and potential harmful contaminants without harming the seamoss or any of its minerals and nutrients. This process is unique to us here at Ocean Botanicals and stands us out from the competition.

We have also done thorough testing on our seamoss. So although some seamoss producers boasts about seamoss containing 92 minerals, all varieties do not contain that particular amount. But, because of testing, we know what is contained in the variety of seamoss we use and how it is beneficial for in our diet. We do this so when we speak about our products, we can be sure it does what we say its doing for you the customer. See chart below:

Sample report below.

Further, our manufacturing facility is a technologically advanced facility, with Good Manufacturing Practices (GCP) in terms of making the seamoss into gels, oils and capsules. As well as ensuring the containers that the product go into is also cleaned and sanitized to the best manufacturing standards. This is another thing that makes us stand out from the competition, many of whom operate as small companies within their homes.
Seamoss production takes place daily, so more than likely, your product is produced the same day your order come in. We generally do not hold a large, finished inventory of product which helps us to maintain the freshness of the product. In part we must do this as our products have no preservatives or any artificial ingredients or sweeteners. This is why we can be VEGAN certified along with all our other accolades. So once your order comes to us, we do our best to get these out the door as quickly as possible. Below is a graphical representation of how fast our turnaround time to get products shipped out to our customers.

The length of time it takes to get to you, our customers is mostly spent in transit with the shipping company. Nevertheless, whether you are looking to improve digestive health, boost your immune system, or improve your skin health, customers can trust our company to provide the highest quality sea moss available.
We are committed to excellence as our company is poised to continue to grow and meet the increasing demand for this powerful and nutritious ingredient contained in the superfood - seamoss.