Cancelations, Returns, and Refund


All orders can be cancelled within 36 hours after they have been placed, for a full refund. If the product has been shipped already, we expect it to be returned by the customer. Return shipping costs will be covered by Ocean Botanicals.
Any order cancellation requests received after 36 hours, would be considered a request for product return and will be subject to the return process. When contacting us for cancellations and or returns please provide your order number for faster service processing.

Returns and Refunds

Any product returned unopened with the safety seal unbroken will be entitled to a refund, less the shipping and finance charges incurred.

Any product returned with the safety seal broken will NOT be entitled to a refund.

Any product received by a customer with the product safety seal broken or some other defect will be entitled to a full refund, if such a situation is reported to Ocean Botanicals within 36 hours of product receipt /delivery date and pictures or video proof (of the actual product and the delivery note) is furnished to Ocean Botanicals. Delivery date is considered the date provided by the shipping carrier, as the date the product was delivered to the address you provided on product purchase.

Any errors of the delivery address which results in the product not being delivered or returned will not be considered valid for any type of chargeback or dispute. Please contact Ocean Botanicals, and we will do our best to re-ship the product, if it was returned by the shipping carrier.

All customers who are served by USPS should contact their local post office first for packages emailed as delivered, but not found at your address/premises. All customers should have an email that it was delivered or was out for delivery. Sometimes, the USPS will retain the product if they have no safe place to leave it or it does not fit in the mailbox. Customers should take this step first, of reaching out to the USPS, before contacting Ocean Botanicals regarding their product delivery.

Any product lost in the shipping process will entitle the customer to a full refund. The shipper will have to have failed to deliver the product to the customers’ address as evidenced by the tracking information. Any product returned to Ocean Botanicals due to an incorrect address entry during the order entry, by the customer will incur additional shipping charges to reship the product to the correct address, unless the customer notifies Ocean Botanicals before the product is first shipped. However, the customer will not be entitled to a refund if they change their minds about the product purchase due to the length of the delivery time.

All other circumstances regarding requests for refunds will be made at the sole discretion of Ocean Botanicals and the customer will be notified via the email provided at the time of purchase.

Ocean Botanicals strives to provide the highest quality products and if you receive any product that you feel does not meet the usual quality standard from us, we would like you to contact us within 48 hrs of product receipt. We do welcome all suggestions to improve our product offerings.