Partner and CFO – Wayne T Gaskin, MBE

“Seamoss is for Life” That’s the motto that drives our CFO. This means that we have the
benefits of seamoss that will help our bodies for a lifetime. So at Seamoss The Boss we
have a partner whose passion and lifestyle is not just to drive the business forward, but
promote good health for all.
Indeed, Wayne is an experienced healthcare professional with over 30 yrs of experience in
adult care and specifically, cardiology and knows the benefit of this natural food source.
Educated “across the pond” in the UK and well experienced with the Irish Moss variety of
the sea algae. Before this Wayne grew up in the Caribbean consuming seamoss from his
early years. So, we have someone who know seamoss intimately, but also knows the
various uses of seamoss and the benefits firsthand.
Wayne is an experienced healthcare clinician, but also hold a Masters of Science focused in
Business and Economics from Kingston University, England in addition to his other degrees
in business. He is proud to serve as a partner at Seamoss The Boss.